The Benefits of Choosing Professional Car Wreckers for Your Vehicle Disposal Needs

Car Wreckers Gold Coast 24 Mar 2023

The only thing that makes a selling deal perfect is trust. When you deal with Cash for Car Gold Coast car wreckers, we guarantee safe and secure removal. We have been in this business for more than 20 years now. Your job as a seller ends when you get the payment. But the real story starts on the backend. The whole car wrecking process is complex and requires much labour. We have a team of experienced staff that remove, tow and dismantle all vehicle types. We have our scrap yard where we keep all the vehicles. So, we are a licensed car wreckers company that follows all the guidelines.

We will come to your doorstep the same day you contact us. This way, you get rid of your old car in no time. And also our quick cash services provide same day on-spot payment to all the customers. If you want to find out the current market value of your old car that you want to wreck, call us at 0721 064 089, and our customer service will be happy to help you.

Environmental Friendly Car Wrecker

It is not only about towing the car and shifting it to the scrap yard. If you see the bigger picture, you will realise that we work hard to save the environment. We handle all types of vehicles daily. Some of them are junk that is of no use. The more damaged and junked the car is, the more terrible it is for the environment. The fluid in these cars releases downward and pollutes the ground. Also, scrap metals are sometimes dumped in the ground. We aim to recycle all these parts as much as possible. Our car wreckers team dismantles all vehicles with big and advanced machines.

We then separate different parts and metals. The working car parts are then sent to the used parts section, where they are given minor repairs and sold. This way, it encourages the reuse of parts. Car owners looking for affordable parts for their old cars can consider buying them for us. We ensure to dispose of all the metals so that they do not mix up in the environment and pollute it. And we have been doing this for years now. So as a seller, you can be relaxed that your junk car will be dismantled well.

Best Auto Part Supplier In Gold Coast

An old car you think is useless may be carrying some working parts. And it can only be checked by expert auto wreckers. At Cash For Car Gold Coast, we buy and types of old and damaged cars from the local area and pay the most competitive price. Our Auto Wrecker team inspects the car before dismantling and separating the working parts. These parts are then sent for resale. We also follow a strict inspection process for all the parts. This way, only the parts with a good chance of repair and reuse are separated. Our team cleans them and then sends them to the sales department. So if you want to enquire about any used auto parts, call us at 0721 064 089 and ask for the details.

How Does It Work?

If you wish to sell a used car to us, we have created an easy three step method. Even if you have no prior experience in selling, you can sell any vehicle easily. We will be there to help you.

  • Step 1: Price Evaluation:
    If you want to sell your car to our car wreckers company, the first step is price evaluation. This means that we will help you find the current market value of your car. The only effort you have to make is to call us at 0721 064 089 and share the details of your car with our customer service. The information consists of some basic details about your car. We will then develop a price offer over the call within 30 minutes or less. You can also ask any questions regarding the car wrecking and removal process.
  • Step 2: Inspection And Removal:
    We will then do a physical visit to the place where your car is kept. Kindly share the address with us. Our car removal team will check the whole car and note down the prices. This way, you can get a fully detailed price valuation of your vehicles. You can check how much you are getting for each part.
    We will come to your place equipped with all the tools on our towing car. If you like our price offer, you can sell the car to us. We will ensure extra care while removing the scrap car from your premises. We aim to make the removal and towing safe and secure. With our experienced team, it is just a matter of a short time.
  • Step 3: Same Day On-Spot Payment:
    Our car wrecker team makes no delay in any process. So we will pay you the price of the car on-spot. The price will be the same as we discussed over the call. And the total amount will be made in cash. The moment we tow your car, you will have your money. And then you become part of our happy customers.

Why Choose Cash For Car Gold Coast?

You should choose Cash For Car Gold Coast Auto Wreckers if you are concerned about the environment and help us make a change. We can offer you the most competitive price of your vehicle in all Gold Coast. This is because we inspect the car well and find the right value. When you deal with Cash For Car, you get car removal services for free. This means that you do not have to worry about any expenses.